Saibamen, International Karateka and David Bell released
There's one thing I'd like to say: For this day I've actually promised something else, something kinda special actually, but as I thought about that too late to make it in time, I'll give you three other things instead, two of which are collaborations with Balthazar and Dareon!

Grab the released characters at the appropriate section, and expect more surprises on foreseeable future.

Also I'll still say it right now, Butt-head will come later, now that I actually do have time to start development on the other due half of the Mike Judge metalhead duo.
Apr 01, 2014
Beavis released
I have to confess, I've been into this Mugen "business" for so long that I'd like to move on making mostly originally sprited content. Thus as a practice for that, I took on converting everyone's favorite blonde dumbass metalhead, with my prowess of tracing and vectors. A few noticeable "cut corners" there and there aside, I'm surprised how I've managed to nail the Mike Judge artstyle. If I would be that surprisingly fast with grasping more advanced artstyles, then 2014 is shaping up to be surprisingly promising in this regard!

But enough of the chatting, Beavis won't stop watching GWAR videos until you snatch him from the characters section he resides in. Also, Happy Double Holidays people.
Dec 21, 2013
MissingNo. and Chilli 'N' Pepper released, Fangore updated.
Today I'm FINALLY publicly releasing the two characters I've hoped I'd work on for April 1st, one of which being the (in)famous Glitch Pokemon that took spots of the Pokemon that would debut in Generation II (for obvious reasons, don't count on being able to duplicate rare candies for you).

As a side project I've also converted and released another Battle Monster, this time being a pair of facepainted tribesmen acting as one. (And for this occasion, Fangore/Ki-Ba also received a slight update, much like Kaf-Ka did when I first released the undead dinosaur warrior).

MissingNo., Chilli & Pepper and the updated Fangore all reside at the characters' section.
Aug 31, 2013
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