Clippy Beta released
So, it's that time of a year again.

Here's something I would share with you in case you don't know this already for some reason: I am in fact the person formerly known as Most_Mysterious, and I was hoping for a loong time I'd remake one of my earlier characters up into my current standards, just so I would be able to show people how far I have gone as a creator.

Partly thanks to certain factors, I ended up revisiting that one character I was doing many years ago yet never finished until just now.

The ever infamous in more ways than one Office Assistant has finally resurfaced. I'd say that with my procastination issues I could barely complete enough of the character in time for this special day, I'd guess this may be the last time I'll ever bother myself with the deadlines. Some things would certainly explain why he.... came out the way he did.

Whatever the case, he's at the characters section, giving advices to the rest of my roster. Now with him out of the way I hope I can finally start the other remake I was hoping to do, provided I'd be ever alive at this point....

I wonder how many mugen folks out there still remember that I was doing that character.....
Apr 01, 2016
Thanos Released
So.... that last year was rather underwhelming. In addition to huge variety of terrible things that happened in general (which with it's increasingly poor track record only further fuels my bouts of pessimism) I have failed to deliver an original sprited overhaul of one of my earlier characters, as the seemingly daunting difficulty of the task (maybe it's just me and my lack of faith in myself tho') in addition to other things (including developing this one thing that was also taking quite a while) have gotten in a way. In the meantime I went ahead and took on converting the Marvel supervillain who served as the final boss of Capcom's Marvel Super Heroes, and - for a change from my usually custom characters - I went for making him around as accurate as I can, including giving him a number of dirty tricks. Suffice to say, that took quite longer than I thought it would be, and it's sort of fascinating how many of subsystems, habits and tricks that I've employed in my previous characters I had to eschew while developing this conversion. I may have missed some things, but the few folk I lended the betas to before releasing this said he feels pretty close, so what gives.

Funny how in this old storyboard I did for the character I was hoping to remake had the character in question be abducted from his realm by Thanos, and here he is now, having abducted my attention from remaking an old character. Hopefully it wouldn't take too long until I'd actually start the character I wanted to (re)do.

Until then, the titanic sociopath who does everything to please The Grim Reapress is waiting to demonstrate the power of his Infinity Gauntlet on hapless warriors at the Characters section.
Jan 08, 2016
Dragon Tank Released
So, once upon a while, Jango took on an offer to do the Chrono Trigger boss with Balthazar's sprites, and he realized that pulling it off was quite a daunting task, so a couple of months ago I agreed to complete the character, even if I only started real coding work around two months ago (I was preoccupied with a number of stuff after all). Some would say I could did a little bit more as I went for keeping some things relatively simple, but The Tank has languished in the backburner long enough, so there can always be another update. Whatever the case, good luck beating this top of the line military machine.

The Saibamen have also received a very minor update that gives them an updated spriteset coutresy of Chamat.

Now with that out of the way, I hope I'd be able to churn out my own original sprited character later this year, and considering the effort it takes to pull it off and a number of other factors, this may take a while......

Characters section, go.
Jun 28, 2015
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