Dink Smallwood (part II), updated
After four months with various misadventures, the relatively famed Farm Boy has now reached the scope I was hoping to reach by the first time I've released him, with two fighting styles at his disposal (the new one being the one more centered around use of his various weapons compared to the other one). Man, that was a quite long road for me, and while I'll admit that few graphical things would use some refinement, I've already put so much work into this character that I just needed a proper break and perhaps after a while move on to some other things (and hey, at least that way I leave some room for potential minor update for Dink later down the line if I'd still feel like it). Maybe perhaps it would've been that one other thing I wanted to do in Mugen outside of the fullgames (can't exactly guarantee you that, nor would I reveal what it would be, but fingers crossed).

Get the new tools at the characters' section, and by the way..... thanks for the support throrough all of these years.
Jul 24, 2017
Tim E. Kapsel released
This.... particular guest doesn't have much time to properly introduce himself or at least he felt like it, so I'll just say rush straight to the characters' section to get him, if you can.

.....given how I was working on that other project up to last week, this was the best I could do for this day in this year. Still, whatever resurfaced may be of some interest to some.
Apr 01, 2017
Dink Smallwood (part I), released
Yes, released. Those with long memory of my activity as Most_Mysterious would wonder if I'm talking about giving one of my very old M_M creations an update, but an "update" is a small word for this case, as I've in fact completely remade one of my earliest creations up to my current abilities and standards, something I was hoping to do for a long time. I was hoping I'd actually start such project around 3 years ago, right in my 10th anniversary of my presence within the Mugen community but for some reason only really got around doing the project at an incosistent rate around the late last summer.

The new Dink features all new graphics as well as a completely revamped gameplay with an quasi-SNK'esque aproach not unlike my Beavis & Butt-head characters, and despite the "part I" he is around as "complete" as the average Mugen character in some way. The "part I" thing simply reflects to the the amibitious scope I had when starting this project that would involve a character with dual fighting styles not unlike my Possessed Heita. The project was taking me so long - procastination issues be damned - that I felt like making up for the long wait by releasing the character with the single complete moveset. I'll be still be working on this character so he would eventually reach the scope I was initially aiming for.

The farm boy from StoneBrook can be seen honing his adventureship craft at the character's section, and stay tuned for the major update with the second moveset that hopefully won't take me as long to complete.
Mar 25, 2017
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