Character Downloads Restored
The server issue preventing character downloads has been resolved, and we're none the wiser why it happened in the first place.

Hooray technology!
Feb 08, 2017
Download Issues
Hey guys, long time no post. We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties and the character downloads are down.
When the underlying problem is fixed I will either make another news post or remove this one, stay tuned.
Feb 07, 2017
Clippy Beta released
So, it's that time of a year again.

Here's something I would share with you in case you don't know this already for some reason: I am in fact the person formerly known as Most_Mysterious, and I was hoping for a loong time I'd remake one of my earlier characters up into my current standards, just so I would be able to show people how far I have gone as a creator.

Partly thanks to certain factors, I ended up revisiting that one character I was doing many years ago yet never finished until just now.

The ever infamous in more ways than one Office Assistant has finally resurfaced. I'd say that with my procastination issues I could barely complete enough of the character in time for this special day, I'd guess this may be the last time I'll ever bother myself with the deadlines. Some things would certainly explain why he.... came out the way he did.

Whatever the case, he's at the characters section, giving advices to the rest of my roster. Now with him out of the way I hope I can finally start the other remake I was hoping to do, provided I'd be ever alive at this point....

I wonder how many mugen folks out there still remember that I was doing that character.....
Apr 01, 2016
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