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Alien House

I made this a couple of years ago but never got round to finishing it - it's still missing the mist present in the corresponding stage in Streets of Rage 2 - an if you've seen how that's animated, you can probably understand how discouraging that looks. I'm also yet to adjust the timing of the pulsing of the alien eggs, but that's a minor issue. What inspired me to work on this stage was its current centerpiece, the animated Vehelits, a sub-boss from that stage whose head wonders around the stage - I came up with a rough way to code his movement, and VIB contributed with a few tweaks for the position of the sections of his neck, which gave it a less stiff look.


A long time ago I saw a tutorial on how to access a debug screen in DBZ Super Butoden 2 for the SNES which allowed access to all of the characters' sprites - while I've had a soft spot for some Dragon Ball story arcs, creating a Mugen character based on the series never crossed my mind seriously, but this new tutorial made me consider an interesting possibility - there's no DBZ game or Mugen conversion that allows Cell to give birth to autonomous Cell Juniors like he did in the series... and SB2 had Cell Juniors in it as complete characters. Thus I ended up ripping both their complete sprite sets and compiled a single SFF file from them as groundwork to make a proper fertile Cell, and at the same time play around with some gameplay ideas that had been crossing my mind for some time. I got lazy, so I never actually coded attacks into Cell or his offspring - as I write this, Helper coding is still something I haven't read that much on - but I figured I might as well share what I did do with anyone who might be interested in it.

Susan Storm Richards

When you really think about it, all interactions in a 2D fighting game are defined by a character's collision boxes, and all of the artwork tends to be mostly fluff to make it interesting and identifiable. Not enjoying sprite work that much, it once crossed my mind that a spriteless character could be an interesting way to just focus on the coding, and Marvel's Invisible Woman came to mind, since she's not only capable of becoming invisible, but also of creating invisible and indestructible objects out of thin air - which is perfect to reduce a character to her Clsns1 and Clsns2 - unfortunately, I got lazy with drawing the actual collision boxes, but her rough standing sprute is more or less complete enough to serve as a future reference. I might bother to give her attacks for April Fools - since her peculiar nature makes her quite apt for a release on such a date - who knows.

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