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Shared Sprites


I ripped these a few years ago from Streets of Rage/Bare Knuckle 2 when pondering on converting the character - meanwhile I got some doubts about how to implement them, but decided to share them in case someone had better ideas for using him. Everything that could be extracted by screenshots is here in the PCX format.

Shiva Edits

These are based on the ones above, made in order to give him missing postures and animations more fit for a 1-on-1 fighting game. Some are better than others, and are available for anyone willing to make something of the character either by modifying or using them directly. Edits include: crouching, crouched blocking, crouched get-hit, air blocking, and some attempts at a short kick - all in the PCX image format.


The Dreamslayer ripped these months ago from CvS2 using his ArtMoney process to get sprites with perfect axis, and back then I volunteered to make the palette files for cleaning the rough rips, since Dhalsim's an old favorite; on the day I'm writing this I found he had uploaded the rought rips without having them cleaned, so I got those from his soon-to-be-gone server, applied the palette file I made before, so here are the sprites, available to everyone just the way he wanted them. All in the PCX image format, set to use the same palette.

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